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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the "lousy" name a joke?

A: No, it isn't. While Mike Longworth had a very delightful and often peculiar sense of humor, the LouZee banjos are not a joke in any way. They are truly serious instruments. Their sound is amazing.


Q: Is the banjo name really pronounced "lousy?"

A: Yes.  Mike wanted to build the best banjo possible, but call it a "lousy" banjo. 

Q: Is the LouZee tone ring the same as the other Hopkins Flathead tone rings?

A: No, the LouZee tone ring is a special tone ring available only in LouZee banjos.


Q: What scale length is used on the LouZee banjo neck? 

A: 27 inches.


Q: Where can I get a LouZee banjo?

A: You can get a LouZee banjo from one of our dealers.  Click on the "Dealers" tab above for a list of our dealers.


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